About Us

Our Promise

HubAsset.com, a Property Business platform for Property Agents' to sustain, scale and grow their Real Estate Business

Our Vision

We empower Real Estate Business Online.

Our Mission

We bring your Real Estate Business from offline to online.

The Story - "We have enough!"

We understand the challenges of working in a competitive real-estate market. We strongly believe that with today's technologies we can provide a more highly efficient solution, to ease the frustration. We are working hard to create a genuine win-win, where great professional property agents are given more visibility, transparency and trustworthy - results in highly satisfied clients to the property buyers and sellers.

To Agents

The issue with the current business practice for property agents are not sustainable. HubAsset is a business platform created to help property agents to do their business online, so that their real estate business is able to sustain, scale and grow.

To Buyers

In today's market, Buyers are frustrated with portals providing tonnes of duplicating properties, making it very complicated to search for the right property and they keep viewing the same property with different agents. HubAsset provides non-duplicated listings by agents to solve this problem.

To Sellers

Sellers facing difficulty too, hard to find quality agents to market their properties and end up with agents who have no proven track records. HubAsset provides a 'Top Agents Billboard' to search for top quality agents who are hard working professionals, that deliver great results at a fair market rate.